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Draw Three - Book of Shadows - Pagan!

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August 12th, 2006

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05:33 pm - Draw Three

The Fairy Book
Text by: Claire Nahmad
Artwork by: Danuta Mayer

Past: The Fairy Lord of Gorias
Card: 21
Element: Fire
Tradition: Celtic
Habitat: The mystical dimension of the East, bright fiery dawns
Plant/Herb: Gallant soldier, Aaron's rod, yellow lupin, gorse
Time of Day: Sunrise, Morning, Noon
Lesson: Power is coming to you to heal divisions and to bring about unity.  Light will flood your way and encourage you to be adventurous and to take unknown, untried paths.  Have courage and embrace the unfamiliar; let your light blaz forth and touch the world with the beauty that is unique to your soul.
when i look into this card i see a tall handsome elf with hair the color of the sun holding the reigns of an all white steed in his left hand and a large claymore in his right.  He's wearing a yellow cload the same color as his haid about his shoulders, the lenght of which extends past his feet and his hair and cloak seem to merge as one.  Around his bare chest is a simple chain with two hawk feathers.  This card is damage from a past soad accident so the upper corner is obscured, but i appears the hawk who was once the owner of those feathers is flying in the background.  This man is staring at me, as though he's barring my path or greeting on my path.  Like a spinx he will only answer my questions with more questions or riddles.

Present: The Shining Company
Card: 25
Element: Fire
Tradition: Native American
Habitat: Above us, all around us, in our heart-center; lighting up the spiritual sky.
Time of Day: Dawn and sunset, the magical hours (3, 6, 9, 12), particularly midday
Plant/Herb: Wild rose, lily
Lesson: You are about to enter into the fullness of your spiritual capacity.  You are being asked to work with supernal beings on a divine plan to instigate the brotherhood of angels, fairies, and humanity.  When this shining opportunity calls, relegate all the anxieties and insecurities of your life to the domain of petty concerns.
The entire card is done in the same yellow as the hair on Lord of Gorias.  In it three indians, two male one female, are ascending into the sky, the female is to the left of the center male, with the other male to his right.  Behind the head male is a star of david.  The female has a red orchid like flower growing at the base of her feet up towards her waist.  I'm getting the impression of fertility from her, but not a direct thing, just a sign of womanhood and power.  I also get the feeling of ascending or moving up to something bigger and better than before.  Another stage of life if you will.

Future: The Will o' the Wisp
Card: 7
Element: Earth
Tradition: Universal
Habitat: Marshes, dykes and woods, and fields that produce marsh gas
Plant/Herb: Marsh marigold, bog myrtle, bog-bean, marsh andromeda, marsh gentian
Time of Day: Early evening, sunset and the hours of darkness, the spirit hour in between dawn and sunrise.
Lesson: It is time for a little zanniness to enter your life!  Be crazy and unconventional, in a manner that allows humor to override the silly strictures and ridiculous dignities with which we falsly approach life, but without being foolish.  Let your hair down and learn how to play again!
In this card a naked fairie man, with his rear toward me is becoming me closer.  To follow the brilliant light surrounding him and his brethren as they light up the night sky.  Do i follow his cherubic smile?

Wild: Little-Washer-by-the-Ford
Card: 13
Element: Water
Tradition: European
Habitat: The banks of streams and rivers
Plant/Herb: Dark mullein, devil's-bit scabious, love-lies-bleeding
Time of Day: After twilight, midnight, the hours of deep darkness
Lesson: This is a time for paying debts, making reparation perhaps, offering an apology or returning something that does not belong to you.  Settle old accounts in every area of your life and have a grand clearing out of all emotional, mental, and material unwanted baggage.  You are about to move on.
There is an elderly faerie woman scrubbing linen against a rock by the stream.  She is working hard at her task to get the stains out and return the linen to it's original brilliant white.  Behind her and almost touching her is a faint outline image of an angel/faerie watching over her as she works.  Or perhaps it is simply another representation of the old woman.  An angel to watch over me.

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