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Updates on PhoenixFireDesigns.com - Book of Shadows - Pagan!

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April 25th, 2009

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10:56 pm - Updates on PhoenixFireDesigns.com
New Trees
Just a few new updates on PhoenixFire Designs tonight.

Tree of Life Pendant - Copper on Copper with Beautiful Red Carnelian Gemstone Leaves

Tree of Life Pendant - Copper wire with light green Aventurine in a variety of beautiful light green shades

Tree of Life Pendant - Silver on Silver with  Rough Amethyst Gemstone

Tree of Life Pendant - "Cherry Blossom" tree featuring Rose Quartz Gemstone Leaves

Don't forget too, I gladly customize and will do orders to specification. Also, with Mother's Day coming up, a really cute gift are my Bird Nest Pendants. I can customize the number of eggs with the number of children, and/or use birthstones and representative colors for the kids. Makes a really unique gift.

Bird's Nest with Chrysocolla "eggs" on matching blue leather cord

Bird's Nest with Beautiful Blue Cats-eye "eggs" on Figaro chain Necklace

Copper Wire Bird's Nest Pendant with Genuine Green Aventurine "eggs."

Brown Wire Bird's Nest Necklace with Genuine Agate "eggs" strung on dual strand ribbon and cord.

There's many other items available on PhoenixFire Designs as well, so check it out!

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